Seksan Design was established in 1994 by landscape architect, Ng Sek San.  Based in Malaysia, Seksan Design has a specific focus on designing within Kulala Lumpur, a decision sprouting from the designers growing displeasure towards the globalisation of design. With a long list of projects including large commercial projects (Avenue K, IGB Plaza Roof Garden), town based properties, Parks (KLPAC, Singapore Garden), Condominiums and Resorts (Sekeping Victoria and Intercontinental Hotel), Ng Sek San has moulded his practice into a vision and value based firm. This vision is a “self –effacing one, characterised by a profound respect for nature and her materials, a disbelief of anything that smacks of monumentalism or elitism, a disdain for opulence and a belief in ecologically sustainable architecture.” Rather than embrace the fast moving, urbanising world of Kuala Lumpur, Seksan Design seek to use earth friendly solutions, utitlise non-standard materials such as leaves, architectural plants, mud and recycled commercial signboards, and find egalitarian solutions that are simple and affordable, for all types of people, not only the elite. In conjunction with promoting sustainable lifestyles, Seksan Design also promotes community sustainability – choosing only local projects has allowed for better understanding of context, weather, culture, light quality, workmanship and developed better relationships with local clients. In Ng’s own words, the focus on the local has meant he had to “define ‘beauty’ from out point of view of living in a sea of poverty and deprivation in our region; to provide an alternative to the conventions that we are so used to especially when most of us are trained in western schools and our dominant aesthetic sense are from the developed west. It is an aesthetic that I’m retraining myself to see in the messiness, dirt and grime… and to apply that in my design.” All of these ideals are culminated into Ng’s desire to see a Malaysian vernacular develop which is tied into what can be described as a Malaysian sensibility – a concept that may not occur in his lifetime, but he will most certainly help to kickstart. Constantly varying his project focus, an orphanage in Thailand, to a resort in Ipoh to championing for better public planning in terms of transportation, the underlying current of comprising architecture and landscape in a symbiotic manner, always remains central and will continue to do so as Seksan Design experiment even further in the future. 

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Landscape architect, Ng Seksan speaks at Poskod Talk 4 - Rejuvenating Suburbs

Sekeping Retreats Kong Heng in Ipoh by Seksan Design